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Fiduciary Financial Advice for Federal Employees & Pre-Retirees

Let’s be honest, sales-based financial advice just doesn’t work when advisors are more concerned about their commissions than about you.

If you’re serious about achieving financial freedom, you need a fee-based, fiduciary approach.

Our proven 3-step process helps you get clear, get savvy, and get on the path toward a financially independent retirement.

is a fee-based plan in your best interests?

Don’t Settle For Less

Fee-Based & Fiduciary Retirement Income Planning for Federal Employees

Better Federal Retirement(c) is a comprehensive retirement planning process. We offer customized solutions for our private FERS retiree clientele.  The goal of this process is a retirement income plan that is efficient and sustainable for the retiree’s lifetime.

Three Phases of a Better Federal Retirement Plan

Phase 1: What You Have

We begin by assessing the tools at your disposal – FERS pension, Social Security, TSP and other retirement assets, employee benefits and insurance.

With a Federal Employee Benefits Analysis we map out your guaranteed income and identify any gaps.

We will stress-test your Thrift Savings Plan and other investments, then create a custom strategy to help manage risk and seek to maximize gains in our TSP Master Plan.

Phase 2: What You Make

How much can you spend in retirement?

Here we take the information from the last phase and build your financial plan. If you saved for retirement, then this is usually a fun process of exploration.

We start by identifying your basic expenses, then re-discover your old “bucket list” of life goals that’ll make retirement enjoyable. Our holistic Results-In-Advance Financial Planning process will give you the green light to have fun.

Phase 3: What the Wealthy Do Differently

Sophisticated wealth management is no longer just for the super wealthy, but is in fact the cornerstone of our client’s success. By pulling from over 39 different retirement income strategies and using rational, evidence-based investment formulas, grounded in a relevant financial plan, and by eliminating emotions from the investment process, our clients can invest with added confidence, knowing each investment decision is rooted in academic research.

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It starts with a no obligation Discovery Call.

We don’t work with you unless we know we can help you. Our clients are successful federal employees of all backgrounds and occupations, from nurses to diplomats, to firefighters and postal workers. We have worked with VA, USPS, BLM, BIA, CBPO, USDA, National Guard, USFS, IRS, DOD, DODDS, and SSA employees.

What all of our clients  have in common is that they have all saved for retirement, and they believe in planning. Markets go up, and markets go down. A financial plan allows you to take advantage of those good market years, while conserving the assets you need.

We charge a fee to create a financial plan, which allows us to plan with your best-interests in mind.

If you think you’re ready to work with a Certified Financial Fiduciary®, then schedule a 15-minute introductory strategy session below.

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